Not a good couple of days!

So it’s been a rough couple of day’s. I took yesterday off work hoping I would feel better today but unfortunately I don’t. I really need a good cry but I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop. I’m not in a good place. I have this co-worker “friend” who keeps sending me these long drawn out self help articles. Today she sent me like 4 of them. I don’t mean to sound ungreatfull but I can barley get through my work. I can’t even concentrate. I know she means well but she sends me these articles almost everyday. ” just read these articles and you will be all better” I’ts just not that simple. People with depression have a very hard time focusing. I can’t even sit down and read a book. Just writing this post is hard. Keeping depression under control is not a simple task. Believe me when I say I wish it was but it’s not. I felt this last bout of depression coming on about 2 weeks ago and it has progressed since then. 3 of my friends understand and the rest have no idea how to handle me. It’s a lonley cycle. Then there is that dreaded question everyone asks when they see you “How are you” and of course I say alright. I wish I could just scream do you really want to know? I feel like shit!!!!! So thats how I feel today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.




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  1. I totally understand and you are right, there’s nothing easy about it… especially fixing it!

  2. I get you. Usually I just want to be alone. No phone. No noise, No people. Nothing. There is no ryhmn or reason. There is no magic word or thought to fix it. Sadly, people just want to help and don’t understand.

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