I can’t believe it’s been this long!

First-  I want to say to all my friends that my life has forever changed. Mostly in a good way and some in a not so positive way. Boy i have so much to tell you so first and foremost I have to give thanks to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for him. There are sooo many people that say that like in there acceptance speech after winning something. Well I have to say I’m not like those people. I truly believe that if I didn’t have him in my life I would seriously be dead. So many thanks to him!!!

Second-  I have to say that my husband has made some drastic changes and I have fallen in love with him all over again! It’s not easy by any means. We both have to work really hard on our relationship. The blessing is he is willing to do that. After telling the truth about everything it’s been much easier.

Third – My therapist has been fabulous. She has helped me tremendously. Of course she tells me that I’m the one doing the work.

Fourth- My children! they are the love of my life. My son has been wonderful. We have I think gotten really close lately. Of course I can’t forget the teenager. This is where life hasn’t been so easy. My girl always’ has a surprise for me. She is something else. I just keep praying to god to help me through this stage in her life. LOL. I love her to death though!

So for the not so good things going on in my life well you don’t really have to guess it’s my Mom & Dad.

It’s been a rough road. There is soo much I have to tell you about that but for right now I’m just grateful that my dad is still alive. He has been through so much.

So that’s all for now. Before all this happened I had enough events in my life that I could have written a couple of books well now lets just say I am up to about 5 books! LOL


Mush Love

God Bless

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  1. It has been a while and I am so proud to see changing for the better in your life, it is not always easy but it is always worth it for sure.

    Welcome Back my Friend

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